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Welcome to Twilight Dragons
Who we are:
We are a Leadership Core strongly believing we will accomplish more by having a guild of compatible people allowing us to command a raiding force free of drama and general grief. Our core leadership commands a collective century (or more) of EQ experience from live to TLP servers.

We banded together on a previous TLP, finding one another by fumbling through the process of building a raiding guild starting with one person. We are now many more like minded leaders eager to make our way through all the content in a current era pace. Current plans are to be Hate raid capable within a month, Fear in six weeks, and the two winged bosses of our plane who dare to share part of our name will be slain much sooner than one month. And the fishy fool who thinks he rules Kedge will die repeatedly very quickly after just a few of us are 50.

IF you've never raided previously, there is something to be said for training new recruits. This Author recommends some form of DPS role for beginning raiders as you will easily be able to just follow the heard. We have someone online pretty much 24x7 to answer all your questions as you level together in what will be a massive effort to dominate Mangler's raiding content.

If you don't raid, but are compatible, hey, we want you in our guild to help us grow. Come level with us. You are either one of us, or your not. That's our way.

The One Rule
: No Religious or political discussions in guild chat
Actually, we prefer you keep guild chat about the game. No ranting please :)

RAID TIMES & Maturity

Time to get on the highest soap box I can find, brace yourself! {/Rant ON}
Expect a high level of maturity in guild chat. Immaturity is easily perceived and we do weed out the incompatible people regularly so, don't take it personally if you're asked to leave. We are professional and parent friendly. Plenty of "decent" people are simply incompatible with our pack. If you don't belong you'll be shown the door in a gentle way without negative vibes and certainly without drama. Incompatibility is not a fault on your part, nor ours. It is what it is. That's also a double edged sword. You may decide you're not happy in our pack even though we like you. You may leave at any time for no reason given without any drama expected. If you choose to rant upon leaving, we do have a mute rank and an officer on 24x7 to put you there quickly should you blow your top.
{/Rant OFF} /em steps off soap box

As such our raiding times will be tight.
Most of us are East Coast, so we'll stick to that time zone.
The leader is in Central currently, soon to be in Mountain, so our times will be late for Eastern Times. Say, 8pm EST? 9 at the latest. And raids will be long at first for training purposes, but once the pack becomes familiar with the routine, it's easy to blast our way through all classic raid content in one sitting (to be honest.) Expect 2 hour raids on weekdays and 4 hour raids on weekends. Weekends will be open and many raid events all weekend long hosted by multiple raid leaders once we have the numbers. At the one month mark, expect a minimum of 2 weekend raids everyone can attend and 2 weekday raids.

Wednesday 8pm EST (2 hours)
Friday 9pm EST (3 hours)
Saturday 2pm EST (4+ hours)
Sunday 4pm EST (4+ hours)

Every raid event has a possibility of 3 DKP's. 1 DKP when the raid officially starts (if your seriously late, like more than five minutes, no point for joo!) Then, randomly sometime during the raid, a dump is made for another DKP. This random DKP time can be two minutes after joining, it can be two minutes before the end, but will probably be closer to the middle ;) At the bitter end of the raid, if you last that long no matter how good or bad it gets, you get a final DKP.
So, Every Raider can get 3 DKP's up to 4 times per week. 12 DKP's are possible per week.

If you are one of us, we'll both know pretty quick and the only way to find out is to join. No harm in leaving either, so come on and level up with us! If you don't fit, you'll know before 50.

Finally, We allow you to have 2 mains! Boxed, unboxed, we don't care. Don't worry, I'm the main tank and both my mains are on my primary account, I don't box when I tank a raid, nor do several other key roles. But you can :)

Discord Server

Monday, March 11, 2019
Please join our discord server, even if you don't want to talk.
Please go ahead and join our discord server even if you don't plan speaking in voice chat. It's the least invasive way for us to send you out of game information in text form, also...

What about raids? Will you be required to use discord?

You aren't required to make an discord account and listen on raids, but it's encouraged. You aren't required to download the app, but we'd like it if everyone were at least listening to the leader's instructions during raids via voice comm's (which can be done without the app, using a browser). Also, it's easy to keep abreast of what's new in our guild if look at that site out of game occasionally.

For those with hearing impairment we'll provide rudimentary instructions in raid chat for mission critical actions like, moving to a new location, assist and so forth. But, it's always fastest to just listen if you're willing and able.
Wednesday, March 13, 2019
Looking forward to server open?
I know I am! The rest of the leadership is also, we look forward to seeing everyone online over the weekend.

If you have some idea where you are going to start let us know so that we can get guild invites going out as soon as possible and get groups going.
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Why we allow 3DKP's on a Wed. night? That seems unfair!
Yes and no. Primarily it's there for people who belong with our community, but work weekends. Also for the purpose of single target events for epics and the like.
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